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  • Technology

    Designing, building, testing, implementing and supporting the applications using programming languages and other development tools

  • Digital Marketing

    To engage with the clients & customers through the digital space by using Social Media, Web Contents, Newsletters and other techniques

  • Creative Design

    Designing new applications, ideas & relationships while providing a rich visual impact to the products & services through artistic contributions

  • Content Research

    To draft & edit the best quality contents through investigative research, while meeting the immediate needs of the clients and customers

  • Sales and Business Development

    To develop the new market initiatives, assessing and analyzing the business opportunities through feasibility studies, proposals and negotiating contracts

  • Network Management

    Installing, configuring, operating, monitoring & maintaining the information systems and administration of servers and server clusters

  • Quality Assurance (QA)

    To ensure that all the features of the software solution is tested, while identifying the potential issues and corresponding fix

  • Administration

    Find opportunities in a range of areas such as cloud, mobility, application development, testing, BI and program management.

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