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The UI design of your website needs to be intuitive, interactive and beautiful, whereas the UX is about identifying and solving users’ purpose. At Nexovah, we will design your UI/UX interface in such a way that your customer will love it.

Product Design technology
Product Identification

When you understand what your customer is looking for, you can suggest the ideal products to him. This is only possible when you can focus on the clients’ problems, and they will realize the point that you value your customers.

Product Design

Are you looking to create a memorable and original outline for your products? Our talented design team will understand your idea to develop the proper solution and even verify the design with real users before delivering you the final product.

Rapid Prototyping technology
Rapid Prototyping

Nexovah offers rapid prototyping services at a low cost where you can test run your ideas to validate their effectiveness.


Ruby on Rails

With the help of Ruby on Rails, a server-side application framework, it is possible for the developers to get a framework that provides a structure on every code they write. This also gives the chance to modify the structure for better improvement.


The chrome’s javascript runtime, Node.js, makes it easy to build fast and scalable network applications. It helps in improving the application performance as well as boost your team’s energy.


A lightweight web application framework that helps in organizing web applications on the server-side in an organized architecture. With the help of Express.js, it will be easy to manage requests, routes and views.


Rapid prototyping and producing cross-platform (iOS, Android, web) codes can be made simply and automatically with Meteor.js.



The whole development process can be simplified using the open-source javascript library known as React.js. This also allows creating reusable UI components for a comfortable interface.


React Native

This cost-effective open-source mobile application framework allows efficient coding across the web, iOS and Android. React Native also helps the developers in building faster mobile applications with their existing Javascript knowledge.



Nexovah expertise in Google Cloud, Azure, AWS and Digital Ocean.


We use monitoring tools like ELK, sentry, Prometheus, Logenteris to help you keep track of everything about your website infrastructure.

Projects Completed
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Completely free 1st time domain, hosting or server configuration support *Included, no extra cost. Free server or hosting plan assistance as per the project size & visitors expected load. We work with Industry leading hosting companies such as AWS, Cloudflare, Digital Ocean, Godaddy, BlueHost, Hostgador, etc.

At Nexovah Technology, we are at the forefront of software solutions, boasting a dedicated team of experts skilled.
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