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How It Works

We work with customers from a wide range of backgrounds in business, and each has their own specific aims and objectives. Most of the enquiries we receive are based on a business requirement that a client has. We work with our clients to identify all needs for their solution during an initial consultation, after which we are able to provide a product that meets the client’s business needs.

Step 1
Planning and Discussing the Needs of Your Business

We begin the planning process as soon as we’ve discussed the scope of a client’s project, making them aware of our product models and concepts that might suit their needs. Within the initial consultation meeting we are able to understand what is needed to meet our client’s requirements, understanding the various scenarios that their solution would need to be used in

We believe in delivering the exact solution that our clients need, which is why our experts are always on hand to sketch out ideas and concepts for a website or app with a client. Our team work with clients to understand how a product should function, building the design around that core functionality. Once we have prepared clear mock-ups it’s easy for our clients to see their solution in action, helping them identify what they want from their product thanks to a clear visual walkthrough of how it will work.

Step 2
Sketching and Wireframing Designs

We consider the usability and experience of our products to be the most important aspect. We also understand that to those unfamiliar with it, some technology can seem overwhelming and confusing. At Nexovah our experts explain each part of a product to our clients in order to make them fully aware of how the functionality will look and feel. Thanks to this part of our process each end product runs smoothly, simply, and is easy on the eye.

Design Process
Step 3
The Design Process

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a clear and smooth user interface with our designs. During the development process we focus on each aspect of a design to ensure that it’s clear to the user what it’s there to do, and if it isn’t we change it. By using a number of different CMS platforms Nexovah can find the best user interface for every product in a cost-efficient manner, passing the savings on to our clients.

Programming and Development
Step 4
Programming and Development

Nexovah has a team of dedicated testers who are on hand for every project to check for any bugs and glitches. This is the last stage of our development process, but it’s also the most important. Thanks to our thorough testing procedures we always deliver a flawless, and methodically tested, product that meets our client’s specifications.

Checking Performance
Step 5
Checking Performance and Code

We work incredibly closely with our clients at each stage of development to ensure our products meet their objectives. The performance of each product is tested by our testing team, who also check the code to ensure no problems could arise in the future. Once this part of the process is complete we remain on hand to help with implementation issues both on and offsite with clients.

Deploying Server
Step 6
Deploying to a Live Server

We allow our clients to see their product for themselves on a test server before we deploy it to their live servers. This ensures that nothing is unintentionally seen by our client’s consumers if it was implemented for testing purposes only. Once our clients are happy we deploy the product to their live server and hand over control.

Successful Products
Step 7
Quality Support

We offer all of our clients a number of ongoing support packages with all products. This helps to ensure that any issues that occur once the product has launched, whether it’s three or twelve months down the line, are quickly and easily fixed. Our support also extends to processes that our clients may not understand, resulting in us teaching them everything they need to know to keep the product running.

Quality Support
Step 8
Successful Products for our Clients

We’ve worked on projects for all types of clients across a range of industries. Many of the solutions we’ve built have gone on to get our clients featured in online press websites and industry magazines. The success of our clients helps us understand what it takes to make a truly great solution, which gives us experience that we then use with each subsequent client.

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We hold our heads high, sense of pride.

Our unwavering dedication and unwearied assistance to an extensive array of global brands fill us with immense satisfaction.

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