Refund Policies

Though we promise to serve our customers with quality service, there are certain jurisdictions where we have to apply non refundable policy. There are certain sections in our service which falls under the purview of NRP. This is done to ascertain your project and recruit specific experts who will work for you dedicatedly. This also makes sure that you are satisfied with the result and think high about your business.

After the allotment of the project, the experts are deployed and a specific delivery date is fixed. The deployment is generally planned in hourly basis which requires manpower and resources. If your project requires working in fields like website development, website design, SEO, digital marketing, web application or mobile application etc. we produce a non refundable payment system.

We will be presenting you a time frame of 24 hours to decide on the project and allot it. We charge nothing in the first 24 hours for cancellation. If you wish not to go further with us for your project, you need to contact us directly through email, call or live chat within 24 hours and raise a cancellation request. We will refund your deposit promptly if you raise the cancellation request right on time with a valid reason.

After the grace period of 24 hours, there will be no refund of the deposit. You can, however, get in touch with us for any kind of modifications in the persisting plan even after passing of the grace time. We always look forward to customer satisfaction.

The non refundable payment can only be refunded even after the grace period under certain conditions. It is applicable if the delivery is delayed beyond the expected date mentioned during the agreement.

The non refundable payment can also be refunded if the service provided is of poor quality whilst the service is not launched publicly. However, one needs to provide firm proof to raise the claim. In this scenario, we will get in touch with you and our technical team will be working to resolve the issue in providing quality service. It is a promise that we will serve you with the best possible solution and meet your requirements. The maintenance will take the least time for sure.

In any case the buyer, employer, client or customer needs to contact Nexovah directly for the quick response and quality service.

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