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We are a leading IT firm who has been in the field of web-designing, development, graphic designing, and digital marketing for a period of over 5 years. We begun as a start-up company, and so are perfectly placed to understand the difficulties that start-up companies may face in the early years. We have been there ourselves, and successfully passed through those sometimes troubled waters. We now have a broad range of experience behind us, and among our clients include large multi-nationals who we have been servicing for many years.

Customer Experience

Word of appriciation from our valuable customers

Simply well organized, good planners, fast communication, strict to commitments, on time and strong developers. Surely, I will be working with Techizers for upcoming projects. It is like work and pleasure.

Essa Omar -
Founder – Pick Board

Nexovah delivers a rare combination of creative conceptualization and incredible design – I am simply thrilled with the results! Working with this team of talented individuals is effortless – This team has the business savvy to quickly grasp concepts and turn out exceptional visuals with very little revision required – and all within the committed deadlines and budget. I can’t say enough about the quality, the speed, the attention to detail and the effectiveness of their work!” I would continue to use this company and highly recommend them to others. Please check out their work and design, once my website goes live at www.shipebox.com or www.icargoshippingintl.com. Thank You!

Ravi Sulaiman - USA
President - Icargo Shipping INT'L

I have hired TECHNIZER INFOWEB on a project at the last minute and they did a great job in a very short time. They are very reliable and professional. It is a pleasure working with them and I will definitely hire them again for future projects.

Alexandre Dieval -
President – Edun.com

Simply well organized, good planners, fast communication, strict to commitments, on time and strong developers. Surely, I will be working with Techizers for upcoming projects. It is like work and pleasure.

Essa Omar -
Founder – Pick Board

Just in time, good communication

Alphs Cheung -
Founder – TV Mount

Great team, they have completed already 2 phases of my project and will hire them for further development.

Mike Luchian -
Manager – Crystal Mtrix

Great company, nice trustworthy people to work with. They always cared about finishing the project and never hesitated to ask questions in order to complete the job. They are competent and fast, I would always recommend them. -ferit

Ferit Saritome -
Network System Administrator - Patent Law

Very nice result, nice job, good communication & nice team.

Indo Dieg Jarrin Caric -
CEO – Translato..

They did a very good job, it wasn’t delivered on time but not entirely their fault, we took awhile to make changes as well, but they were accommodating and professional.

Ming Jiang & Mike Lu -
Join Founder – Clover Display

Excellent word is not enough to describe Techizer, They are a great team with 100% satisfaction and deliverable’s. Would definitely recommend them for all. Thanks

Ahmad Khaled -
Founder – Viva Salon, Clex

Partha and his team delivered a responsive and fully functional WordPress website as promised. I came from another site where I had issues with two web developers and finally came to freelancer and found Partha with Techizer. There were times we needed to communicate outside of freelancer.com and did so effectively. Although the site is not yet live, that is only because we are awaiting FINAL approval from our internal compliance/legal department. Once we get this approval, Partha said it would be no problem to assist in getting the website live at no additional cost. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication on this Partha. It’s nice to find people (far and few between) that take pride in their work and have the “it will be done” attitude. I will be using your services in the future as they arise on our end.

Stephen Oehley -
Association Head - AFS

Although the project was completed very quickly and with satisfactory results. We are experiencing functionality problems that the freelancer team claims is the fault of the webhost or email service, the web host blames the email service and the email service blames the freelancer. In the end I am confident that it is not the freelancers fault. Nevertheless, we are still experiencing problems. I found the communications with the freelancing team to be great for the first few days but became difficult because my point of contact was quite pushy about receiving payment.

Matthew Sobel -
Association Partner – SGNA Product

Tachizer has been a wonderful experience throughout the whole cycle of my project. I am extremely happy with the quality, cost, expertise and time in which the project was executed. They have a highly-experienced team which I was able to rely on every time. I highly recommend Techizer for any project you might have. I will be back for more.

Ajagen -
Founder – Toubiz.mu

Well organized professional company, whose employees have good English skills and great attitude. A good company who wants to serve it’s clients well and fast. Keep the good work on. They were trustworthy and professional – and because it is a company it will be easy to solve things out even if there are some delays or problems. Techizer is fast & easy to communicate.

Towhidul Mannan -
IT Head – Syed Partners Digital

I have dealt with many freelancers, Techizer with no doubt one of the best freelancer out there, very accurate, honest and straight forward. i will surely come back to them for any mobile application designs or e-commerce business.

Firas Mobarak -
CEO – Yallautlob.com
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