LeiserTV: 100+ TV channels, record shows, and enjoy domestic content worldwide on your smart device. Plus, access 20+ radio stations on the go.

Designed Using Adobe XD Photoshop

Unveil the Potential of with Team Nexovah's Refreshed UI Design!

Looking to create a streaming platform like Netflix, or AppleTV? Whether you’re in Finland, Ukraine, the USA, Australia, or France, and you’re looking to access ETV on channel 2, TV3 on channel 11, TV1000, and facing difficulties, read on to find out how you can. Unleash Customized & Blazing Fast OTT / Streaming Platform, whether it’s recorded or live TV shows.

Customize Your Way:  With user-friendly Interface, you’re in full control! Any device like: TV, Tablet, Mobile.. you just need to Tweak settings, choose colors, and craft your perfect platform.

Speed Matters: powerful Cache system ensures lightning-fast video content loading, offering users a seamless experience, even with heavy traffic.

Performance Plus:  Fear not the masses! effortlessly handles Thousands of users, thanks to its friendly UI and secure system.

Device Responsive Design: Built on Adobe XD & React, adapts perfectly to all devices: Web, TV, Tablets, and Mobiles.

Ready to Rock? You can easily connect with Team Nexovah to create an impressive, user-friendly video-on-demand streaming hub like!

Services we provided

  • Analytic Driven Iterations
  • Design & Market Research
  • Product Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • TV App Design
  • Handover has established itself as a leading platform for streaming 'Recorded TV Content,' serving TV show enthusiasts from across the globe. Recently, they presented us with an exciting challenge: to rejuvenate their design, enhance their UI/UX, and optimize their entire online content platform.

Our mission at is clear: to deliver a modernized trading tool with an exceptional user experience. To achieve this, we’ve embraced a sleek and minimalistic design that effortlessly highlights our platform’s outstanding features. When you explore, you gain seamless access to a diverse world of entertainment, including TV Channels, Shows, Recorded News, Sports, and much more, all in one convenient place.

But our commitment to enhancing your entertainment experience doesn’t stop there. With, you can enjoy top-quality domestic TV content worldwide through LeiserTV. No matter where you are, all you need is an internet connection to unlock a world of entertainment at your fingertips. Want to record a show or an entire series? You can do that too. Plus, you have access to over 100 TV channels, more than 20 radio stations, and a range of additional services that will take your streaming journey to the next level.

At, we haven’t merely designed a run-of-the-mill video content platform. Our goal is to craft a user-centric and seamless experience. We achieve this by offering enhanced filters, a wide array of categories, and numerous content selection options. Whether you’re looking to unwind at home with friends or family, we’ve got you covered. Come, be part of this thrilling journey, and elevate your streaming experience with Team Nexovah!

Strong application pages

Successful Outcome

Following an exhilarating five-month partnership with Reelis R, the visionary behind, we are delighted to introduce the freshly revamped platform. Drawing upon our extensive expertise in the realm of entertainment projects, we’ve seamlessly integrated cutting-edge design techniques to catapult to unparalleled heights. Throughout this collaborative journey, our primary focus has centered on enhancing the user experience, ensuring a smooth and intuitive interface across all facets of the platform.

The result? A rejuvenated and refined web and TV app design that perfectly reflects the outstanding features and services offered by We take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to prioritizing the user experience, meticulously crafting an interface that instantly makes users and customers feel right at home while accessing a wealth of global content.

Explore the all-new today and delve into the world of TV shows and nearly limitless channel recordings. With a modernized platform primed to empower and entertain, there has never been a more opportune moment to dive in and unlock the full potential of this exceptional trading platform. Join us on this harmonious journey, and let Team Nexovah infuse your trading endeavors with dynamic content!

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